Who Am I

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Hi there! My name is Chrissy and I’ll be your guide here at HTWYL! Here are a few quick things to start us off in getting to know each other:

Identifiers: [[These are the things other people can easily define me as.]]
Female, Christian, millennial, caucasian, northerner by birth, southerner by choice, writer, athlete, book-nerd, football-fanatic, wife, sister, daughter, friend, volunteer, employee, and most importantly, coffee-addict.

Intentional: [[These are areas of my life I’m currently focusing extra effort on.]]
⇒Deepening the relationships I already have and not taking them for granted.
⇒Writing: Every. Single. Day.
⇒Reading more of the mountain-of-books I’ve collected.

Irrational: [[These are some of the things I’ve done in the past that go against everything our society tells us is best, but have had the greatest impact on my life.]]
⇒Quitting graduate school while I was already writing my dissertation.
⇒Moving four states away from everything I’ve ever known.
Shaving my head to bring awareness to human trafficking.

My goal in life is to “intentionally seek an irrational life for Christ.” This motto had taken hold of my heart before I even gave it life through words, and now that I am able to conceptualize my deepest desire, I’m chasing after it with everything that I am.


Maybe your identifiers, and goals look different than mine do. Maybe there are different things you do that are intentional and irrational. Let’s use this page to get to know each other a bit more. Tell me about yourself: Where have you been? Who are you really? Who do you hope to be?

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