DTW 003: Learn to Say “No”

This week we’re looking at how to say “no” and why that can actually be better than agreeing to every opportunity. Key Takeaways: Over-committing is under-valuing each responsibility. Doing less opens doors to do things with greater excellence. Commit to yourself on occasion; we fulfill commitments better when we have a full battery ourselves. Are you over-committing? What things … More DTW 003: Learn to Say “No”

Resisting Change

It’s hard, isn’t it? Having everything you know function one way for so long and then suddenly you have to move, a loved one passes away, your friend betrays you, you lose your job; I mean, the list is literally endless. And it doesn’t have to be something nearly that big to make us resist: a … More Resisting Change

Where Have I Been?

If your life is anything like mine, it can suddenly turn you on your head, and before you know it, weeks have flown by while you’re still clutching that day-old coffee in hand, waiting to take that tentative first sip, not realizing the time for steam has long since passed you by.

Goldilocks Syndrome

Success derives from indifference; at least that’s what society tells us. We don’t like to let our emotions run wild. Instead, we’d rather medicate ourselves into a bland state of mediocrity before our extremes get the better of us. Everything is designed as a sedative. The first time we express “too much” or “too little” energy … More Goldilocks Syndrome