I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for the material side of Christmas. It’s always fun getting a few gifts. Especially since I typically spend the rest of the year focusing on paying bills instead of buying the things that I want for fun. Lately though, I’ve been catching myself trying to justify those things that … More Weeds

DTW 003: Learn to Say “No”

This week we’re looking at how to say “no” and why that can actually be better than agreeing to every opportunity. Key Takeaways: Over-committing is under-valuing each responsibility. Doing less opens doors to do things with greater excellence. Commit to yourself on occasion; we fulfill commitments better when we have a full battery ourselves. Are you over-committing? What things … More DTW 003: Learn to Say “No”

Be Ungrateful

Did you catch all the ‘lightning deals’ on Amazon this past week? What about Best Buy? Target? Groupon? I’m excited to have nabbed a few good deals on Black Friday. (From the safety of my own couch, after a full night’s sleep; phew!) Everybody wants to save money. We toil away long hours every day just … More Be Ungrateful

Resisting Change

It’s hard, isn’t it? Having everything you know function one way for so long and then suddenly you have to move, a loved one passes away, your friend betrays you, you lose your job; I mean, the list is literally endless. And it doesn’t have to be something nearly that big to make us resist: a … More Resisting Change

Welcome to HTWYL

“How to Waste Your Life” is officially here! I’m so glad you’ve come to share in this adventure; welcome! Below you’ll find some information about what you can expect to come, as well as the heart behind the changes.