Dear Tori.

Dear Tori, It has been three hundred and sixty-five days. And it’s weird, because I lived twenty-six years without ever knowing you, but this one year that followed a mere two years of friendship, has felt like a lifetime. I guess that’s what happens when someone impacts your life so profoundly. Even now, barely fifty … More Dear Tori.

Project Prosper

Oh, hey there online family, it’s certainly been a while… To say the last six months have been a rollercoaster, might be the understatement of the year. I’ve been honored with positions of leadership I’m sure I don’t deserve. I’ve said, “goodbye for now,” to a dear friend as she left for heaven. I’ve taken … More Project Prosper

Awaiting Dawn

Driving down the road tonight left me thinking about how beautiful Charlotte is. I never wanted to live in a city; I’m still holding out for my someday house on several acres of land with thousands of stars shining brightly above me each night. But in those few peaceful minutes while riding down highway 74, I realized … More Awaiting Dawn