Project Prosper

Oh, hey there online family, it’s certainly been a while…

To say the last six months have been a rollercoaster, might be the understatement of the year. I’ve been honored with positions of leadership I’m sure I don’t deserve. I’ve said, “goodbye for now,” to a dear friend as she left for heaven. I’ve taken deeper steps in my faith than I imagined I ever could. I’ve shattered personal fitness records. I’ve tried new things. I’ve broken under the weight of expectations I can’t deliver on. I’ve felt more loved by the smallest gestures. I’ve cried. I’ve laughed. I’ve succeeded. I’ve failed. I’ve explored. I’ve loved. I’ve lived, really lived—though at times it’s hard to see how in the monotony of the daily grind.

And while I’m glad to say goodbye to 2016 like the rest of the world, I find myself on the brink of a different tipping point that comes two and a half weeks past the new year.

In just a few short hours, I will turn 29 years old. And while this seems anti-climactic, it’s a crucial launching point in my life. This is the last year of my twenties: the decade when you’re supposed to adventure and figure out who you really are. Have I done that yet? Where do I want the trajectory of my life to go? Something I’ve
learned in the past few months is that how you end one chapter has the greatest impact on the way you start the next. projectAnd quite frankly, I refuse to let the last year of my twenties pass without setting the right tone for my thirties.

Thus, my endeavor for this year: Project Prosper.

It’s not uncommon to hear about “30 before 30” lists; I actually spent days on Google and Pinterest looking at them trying to create my own. The encouraging thing (albeit mildly frustrating from an inspiration standpoint) was that I’d already done the majority of activities other people had put on their lists. This resulted however, in a unique collection of moments that I can’t wait to work my way through.

I’ve broken it down into five categories: Challenge Accepted, Local Wanderlust, Planting Roots, Cave Dwelling, and Word Nerd. (Because really, who wants to follow the trend of “food,” “just for fun,” “education,” and other basic categories?)

Something you may notice: there is only one item that is directly related to writing. This project is not merely about completing the list, but also about documenting it the entire year long. It’s not about just checking things off and moving on. It’s about learning, growing, doing, living.

It’s about sending my twenties off with a bang and propelling into my thirties with renewed persistence, passion, and perspective.

The countdown is on. Tomorrow is a new day. A new year. A new chance. A new beginning. A new me? Maybe not, but I’m ready to take the leap and see where God takes me. So, are you coming along for the ride or what?

The List…

Challenge Accepted: Things that will require training, mental grit, and/or persistence to complete.

  1. Complete a Spartan trifecta.
  2. Run one mile in under seven minutes.
  3. Do a “30 days of…” online challenge. (I’ve done this for yoga before; I haven’t decided on the topic for this one yet.)
  4. Write a “30 lessons I’ve learned” post.
  5. Complete 30 random acts of kindness.
  6. Say “yes” to something completely out of my comfort zone.

Local Wanderlust: Things I want to do in the greater Charlotte area.

  1. Visit a museum.
  2. See a ballet.
  3. Conquer the Escape Room.
  4. Go to a Hornets game.
  5. Go fruit picking — and bake something with the reaping.
  6. Eat at Fahrenheit.
  7. Tour the Billy Graham Library.

Planting Roots: Things that are small/new but will grow into more rewarding standards of living.

  1. Travel to a state I have yet to explore.
  2. Try a new food.
  3. Mystery #1. This will be revealed after it is completed so outside forces will not be able to influence it.
  4. Take a pop up class in something completely random.
  5. Partake in a spiritual fast.
  6. Host Christmas for the family.
  7. Mystery #2. Again, this will not be revealed until after it is completed to limit outside interference.

Cave Dwelling: Things that prove I live under a rock and to help me catch up with the times.

  1. Watch The Godfather.
  2. Watch Lady and the Tramp. Yes, somehow in all of my Disney-filled-life, I have never seen this. No, I do not know how this atrocity has happened.
  3. Race go karts.
  4. Play bubble soccer.
  5. Learn to use Photoshop.
  6. Get a professional massage.

Word Nerd: Things related to words and the Word. (See what I did there?)

  1. Read five books to help me grow spiritually, and five just for fun!
  2. Learn to study my Bible instead of just reading it daily.
  3. Read the Iliad and the Odyssey.
  4. Memorize one new scripture each month.

And One to Grow On:

  1. Make a 40 before 40 list! This list will include more substantial activities because I’ll have a decade to complete them rather than one year.

One thought on “Project Prosper

  1. I like it. Somewhat ambitious, but that’s not at all surprising considering the source:) I will refrain from baby comments.


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