Welcome to HTWYL

“How to Waste Your Life” is officially here! I’m so glad you’ve come to share in this adventure; welcome! Below you’ll find some information about what you can expect to come, as well as the heart behind the changes.

CVcom_Full_FINALThe Schedule:

  • Posts: New posts will be arriving every Wednesday afternoon based on the main theme of “How to Waste Your Life.”
  • Videos: Every other Monday morning a new video will be uploaded as part of the series “Displace the Waste.”

The Themes:

  • How to Waste Your Life: I don’t know about you, but I constantly feel like I am wasting time. At work, at home, sitting in traffic, waiting in line, lying awake in bed, does it ever end? One of my biggest fears is that I will wake up one day and realize I never did any of the things I really wanted to do in life, that I let my passions fall by the wayside in favor of tedious mediocrity. I don’t want to regret a life wasted on worthless things.
    I think we owe it to ourselves to draw attention to this phenomenon our culture perpetuates. Let’s break the mold and talk about these things we do to waste our lives. If we recognize them, we can avoid them. If we avoid them, we can actually live fulfilling lives.
  • Displace the Waste: While HTWYL is all about the pitfalls, DTW is all about the counter-attack. What kinds of things can we fill that newly un-wasted time with? This series will address various activities that are anything but a waste of time.

The Heart: 

I’m the kind of person who has a very diverse group of friends; politically, religiously, ethnically, you name it! But then again, we all have a lot of different people in our lives, don’t we? I mean, (spoiler alert!) we’re all unique.

So here’s my question: why is it that we are able to build such diverse friend groups, but when it comes to influencing people on a larger scale, there are certain divides that seem impossible to breech?

We have people in our lives who love and respect us regardless of our differences. They support us and understand when we’re one on one. Then suddenly, the rest of the world exists and we have to plant our feet on either side of invisible lines, declaring our opinions as the only reasonable choice for all of humanity. For some reason we uphold division on large scales, while trying to promote individual unity. Does that make sense to anyone else, because I sure don’t get it?

The Goal:

So here’s what I propose: I want to build a community where it’s easy to look past all those other identifiers and connect with real people, not stigmas or stereotypes or predispositions.

I’m learning that in our humanity, we share a strong bond in our ability to, and our fear of, wasting our lives without leaving some sort of impact. I struggle with this daily, probably hourly if I’m really honest. So let’s talk about it. There are infinite ways we manage to make this our reality; why don’t we put that knowledge to use and break the habit before it’s too late?

Each week I will draw attention to different ways we end up wasting our lives, (have you noticed we don’t even realize we’re doing it sometimes?) while giving some ideas for how to avoid and overcome them.

I hope that you will join in the discussions about how you deal with similar issues, so we can realize how much we have in common in a world that seems determined to make us see only differences.

The Next Steps:

  • Let’s start now! Comment below with how you feel about what’s coming. Have you ever felt like you’ve been wasting your life, maybe even in small ways? What are your thoughts about the division our world promotes? Let’s start bridging the gap here!
  • Take a few minutes to check out the rest of the site. If you’ve been here for a while, many things have changed! And if you’re new, poke around to see more of what this is all about!
  • Make sure to check back on Wednesday for the first post in the HTWYL series. If you think you’ll forget, click ‘follow’ on the sidebar to get it emailed to you directly!
  • If you’re excited about what’s coming, spread the word! Conversations will only get deeper here when we have more people included, so invite your friends to jump in too!

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