Where Have I Been?

If your life is anything like mine, it can suddenly turn you on your head, and before you know it, weeks have flown by while you’re still clutching that day-old coffee in hand, waiting to take that tentative first sip, not realizing the time for steam has long since passed you by.

That is exactly what the last two months have felt like to me: three new things pop up as I tackle one old, a veritable Hydra-lifestyle.

With that in mind, here are three things that God has been doing in my life during these past whirlwind-weeks:

1. I’ve started working at a local company thanks to some amazing people God has put in my life. We’ve been blessed with a temporary season of surplus to counteract the season of famine we’ve endured since the start of our marriage. We fully believe He is balancing the generous hearts He created in us with a generosity of His own to get us out of debt. We are expectant for what God is going to do in our lives as this bondage is released from us.

2. God is humbling me in ways I never realized I needed (and I’m so thankful He knows my needs better than I do). At SheSpeaks God clearly told me to have more reverence for His message instead of simply trying to accomplish my goals of publication. Since then, He has been revealing areas of pride I didn’t know I was clinging to, and has been growing deeper roots in my heart of exactly what I need most: reverence.

3. I’ve been reminded of the importance of my ministry. Even if it’s just one coworker or twelve followers online, that is a ministry, and it is equally as important as a ministry of thousands. God has put these people in my path for a reason and it is important to live up to the calling He has placed on my heart.

This reminder has helped fuel my recent Instagram series. I attend a Holy Yoga small group each week and I was encouraged to partake in an online photo challenge during the month of September. It started as a way to just be active on one of my social media outlets, but it transformed into beautiful promises and reminders that God laid on my heart to pass on to others. These posts have been doing a beautiful work in my spirit, and I pray that they touch the lives of those who come across my photos as well.

Below is my most recent post in the #ATimeToBuild series for Holy Yoga on Instagram. Check out some of my previous posts to see what you’ve missed, and follow to see a new pose every day in September. I pray God will use these words to speak into your life!

Definitely the worst representation of a pose from me so far. I just finished a #crossfit class and then posed for this #twistedchairwithprayerhands. My body was too weak to get into and hold the proper form. The beautiful thing is that it is in our moments of #weakness that God is able to step in to make miracles happen. Trying to rely on our own strength is to think we know, or can do, better than God. Better to be weak and constantly seeking God to be your source of strength than to be strong and keep God out of the situation because “I can handle this.” Let Him be your strength; dependence on God is a muscle we could all benefit from using more often. #ATimeToBuid #day9 #yogachallenge #septemberchallenge #holyyoga @holyyogaministries

A photo posted by Chrissy VanScoten (@cmvanscoten) on Sep 9, 2015 at 6:37pm PDT


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