A Friendly Reminder

Sometimes life is hard. Okay, a lot of times. And as Christians, life tends to be even harder because the better spiritual place you’re in, the more the devil takes notice and wants to prevent you from growing. Sometimes however, all the pieces fall right into place and God’s blessings are just overflowing on you. I want to share my day with you, not to brag or make you feel worse about a situation you may be in, but just to remind you about how faithful God is. To remind you that when you think your prayers are falling on deaf ears that God hears you. We just need to trust His timing and remember His promises because He will always come through for you when you take big risks for Him and put your full trust in Him (keep in mind that “coming through” does not always mean getting the answer we asked for-but that’s another post altogether).

A little backstory: I am a writer. Well, I’m a non-published, scraping-through-a-blog, hoping-to-one-day-be-a-published-author, type of writer. It has been a life goal of mine and a calling on my heart for as long as I can remember. I’m only just now really taking this passion seriously and trying to let God lead me in this. I also have a heart for girls. I was running in a high school/college aged girl ministry back in PA. While my heart is still with them and their age group, I truly feel God calling me to a place of growth. So with the move to NC, I am trying not to jump into any leadership but rather get involved in more behind-the scenes areas; this way I can grow more and subsequently be able to give more.

So today, I had planned to go to a meeting to help do some prep work for the children’s ministry. Spend a few hours stuffing baggies with legos and meeting new people seemed like a great way to start. The person who invited me to this meeting however, also set up for me to meet with a girl in the office beforehand because I had mentioned possibly volunteering there as well. So my husband and I stopped into the office this morning. Unfortunately, the girl I was supposed to meet had a last minute meeting come up, so we planned for me to come back when I was finished with the prep team. My husband however, started talking to a man in the office who happened to be part of the security team: the exact team he had been interested in joining from the beginning. Funny how that worked out. Good thing I don’t believe in coincidences at all.

After they spent some time getting to know each other, we went on to our prep meeting. I was eventually paired up on a project with a woman. We fell into easy conversation as we had a lot in common. Turns out, coincidentally, we had a lot more in common than I originally thought. She is also an aspiring writer. She also recently started a blog on this exact site. She also proposed that we meet up twice a month to hold each other accountable that we are still working on writing, as well as to give each other feedback and advice on what we’ve already written. Please tell me how those kinds of meetings happen without Jesus. They just don’t.

I then went back to the office to try to have my original meeting. I gave her some background as to how we ended up moving down to Charlotte and what my interests and experiences were. She literally had tears in her eyes when she told me she was praying for someone who basically had my exact skill set: a love for writing, good with emails, an open schedule, lots of ideas, good at multi-tasking, and a passion for growth and success. Turns out, she was desperately in need of someone to handle the countless emails they get everyday and no one was really able to beat back the ever-growing giant. By the end of our meeting, she told me she wanted to coordinate an email team, we had already brainstormed ideas on how to make that happen, and she told me she wants me to head it up. Whoa. She and I seriously made a perfect unit. Our strengths and weaknesses perfectly aligned so that one picked up where the other left off. There are no words but to say that it was a clearly God-orchestrated partnership.

If this day hadn’t been incredible already, I came home to find a check in the mail. Now, a check in the mail is like finding a $20 in your pocket. A great surprise that leaves you pumped for whatever you plan to spend it on. At this moment however, the check arrived on the day rent was due. The day rent was due and we didn’t have it. In a world where money dictates our lives, there is no greater relief than having some. And when God delivers it into the palm of your hand at the precise moment you needed it, all you can do is praise Him.

Like I said, I’m not trying to brag about how great my day was. I’m not trying to discourage anyone going through a hard time or anyone who feels like God isn’t hearing them. I’m trying to show you that He is hearing you. The answers may not always come right away and they may not come in the form you were expecting them, but they are coming. So don’t give up hope. Even if you’re feeling drained, all that means is God has that much more room to flood with His blessings. Hard times are here, but God is greater. So much greater, than anything on this earth. Listen to His whispers, take leaps when He asks you to jump, and when the time is right, bask in the rain of His blessings pouring down.

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