Home Sweet Charlotte

We’ve only been down here for a week and a half and I feel like I’ve had more life in these past ten days than I’ve had in the last year. This is the biggest move I’ve ever done and I’m so grateful that God has made my life into the adventure I was always looking for. I grew up wishing I was born in earlier centuries simply so I could live a life of traveling the world via long hikes over taller mountains (never mind the fact that a girl would not be allowed to do such a thing). And while the days of freely traversing Lord of the Rings style landscapes may be a thing of the past, my heart of adventure is definitely being fulfilled through this new journey.

I had all of the usual fears of moving: jobs, apartments, distance, family, friends, the list goes on. I had very specific concerns due to my sister in law who had recently moved as well. How would I make friends? I don’t have a job, I’m going to be so lonely with a touch of cabin fever from staying home because I don’t want to explore by myself. What if I hate it and we’ve committed to a lease and a contracted job? The ‘what if’s could pile higher than our third-floor apartment if I let them, but God is so good.

From the minute we opened the door to our apartment, we knew we were home. The place was perfect for us and fully surpassed all of our expectations. We unloaded, unpacked, and made this place feel like home faster than we had even moved into our last place. It has everything we could have asked for and then some. We spent the next few days exploring our new city. Trying to implant the roadmap into our brains while picking up miscellaneous things to complete the apartment. We joined a gym, and have gotten ourselves into so many healthy routines that just fully escaped us while we were wallowing in the pit of our previous life-chapter.

We joined Elevation church. This was how God called us down here to begin with, through this church. It has already started to feel like home in small ways. We joined a small group of young married couples. I’ve never been so happy. Building relationships has been one of my biggest worries-that I would fail miserably or that I would not be able to take the first step to make it happen. Fear is like that; it paralyzes you into dwelling in the very place you were hoping not to end up in to begin with. Thankfully, we crossed the threshold and started making connections. The barriers have been breached. We don’t have best friends here yet, but we have made contact with a group of people that made us feel empowered about our life choices and were supportive of us. We are excited to see them each week and to continue building these foundations of our new life.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. The point is when you finally decide to step out in faith and let God lead you, you will get back even more than you imagined. Stop half-listening; hearing God’s voice and then trying to plan that journey yourself is pointless. The journey is the most important part, not the destination. So why do we always try to take that part into our own hands thinking it’s all ok if we still end up in the same place? Flying across the country may get you there faster, cheaper, and with less hassle, but what have you missed out on by not driving? The scenery, the people, the struggles that bring growth, the inspiration, the colors, the smells…and for what? A cramped seat, a screaming child, and more germs than the CDC? We need to wake up and realize that God is all about the journey. By taking the reigns ourselves all we are doing is setting ourselves up for more certain misery instead of trying to overcome the fear of the unknown. And while that’s a valid fear, that’s what faith is all about. Trusting God knows best in the midst of something we can’t understand. So let God do the planning, and when you don’t understand don’t panic. Trust His judgement and take the first step. He won’t let you fall when you’re holding His hand.

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