CVcom_Full_FINAL“How To Waste Your Life” examines two cultural trends that negatively affect our society. It’s about time we address them:

  1. Why is it that we are able to build such diverse friend groups, but when it comes to influencing people on a larger scale, there are certain divides that seem impossible to breech?
  2. If we’re hoping to lead happy and fulfilling lives, why do we let ourselves squander our time on less-than-worthy activities? How can we counteract this routine before it’s too late?

The following two concepts are at the foundation of any answer we might come up with:

  1. Be irrational. It really all comes down to societal norms; so let’s go against the grain. We’re doing the opposite of what society tells us when we find common ground to stand on. Carving a new path allows us to find lasting fulfillment rather than momentary pleasures.
  2. Be intentional. Living this counter-cultural lifestyle takes effort. (Paddling upstream is hard y’all!) If we are able to keep awareness and perspective at the forefront of our choices, we can be more efficient, more effective, and find greater happiness.

So welcome to “How To Waste Your Life,” a community built on being #IntentionallyIrrational. I hope you’ll feel at home here and join in the conversation!

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